I think I can, I think I can

So, this will be my last post regarding EDC3100, but I thought that I could continue using the blog to post about how I implement ICTs into my Kindergarten program.

Tonight sees me trying to finish my Evaluations and lessons learned part of the last EDC3100 assignment. I am tired and am starting to falter. I only have the lessons learned bit to go, so might need to fit it in around work tomorrow, because I just cannot go on tonight. I have been working on part D all weekend, but am not necessarily confident with what I’ve written…I’m probably lucky that I smashed the last assignment!

Anyway, I’m out, going off to bed…I’ll probably dream about this assignment though!


ICT use on Prac

Although I had a great time on Prac and learned a lot, I found using ICTs in the classroom difficult due to access constraints. My mentor used the smartboard with help from her teacher aide, being quite ICT illiterate! She is a brilliant teacher and mentor, but just isn’t up-to-date with computer use. The laptop connected to the smartboard was the teacher aides and obviously needed a password to log onto One School to do anything internet related. I could use it when the teacher aide was around to put in her password, but quite often during my use of it I was interrupted by ‘put in your password’ messages. This was disruptive and if the teacher aide had left the classroom, I just couldn’t continue to use the smartboard. I found this very frustrating, pointless and interruptive to my lesson and the students learning.

Teaching is for me!

Going into Prac, I was very apprehensive about whether I would like being in the school system. This was my first school based Prac, as I received credits for my previous qualifications. The first few days I was really worried that I had gotten myself into something wasn’t for me. However, as I got to know the students and my mentor teacher, I began thinking “I can do this!”. Once I started actually teaching lessons and getting positive feedback from my mentor, I decided that I have made the right decision to study teaching. I think that I am feeling much like Mareecon does in her blog. One the last day of my Prac, I actually became a bit teary at leaving. I do credit my having such a great time to having an excellent mentor and teacher aide, a great bunch of kids, and a small school environment.

Pete the Cat: I love my White shoes

While I was on Prac, my mentor used “Pete the Cat: I love my White shoes” on YouTube with her P/1/2 class. Let me just say, I have fallen in love with Pete! This story is catchy, with its music and funky song. The underlying message of the story is no matter what happens, just keep going, because it’s all good. I have gone back to work this week with my Kindergarten children and yesterday I introduced this story to them. Saying that they enjoyed it would be an understatement! I have now planned a literacy unit to work on with them, leading into learning about letters and phonics.

I have noticed that Aaron has a link to “Pete the Cat and his Four groovy buttons”. This was also used while I was on Prac, and I planned and implemented a lesson with the Prep students around “Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School shoes”. The lesson that I planned involved the Prep students putting the story into sequence, which they did a great job of.

That would be just my luck!

Yesterday I spent the day working on lesson plans for Year 1/2 maths. I decided to make a little Moovly video to introduce my lesson about Australian coins. This video suggested that Captain Patch had lost his treasure and needed the students to learn all they can about Australian coins to help him find it. But of course, when I went to put the video up on the smart screen, the school’s internet would not let me into the Moovly site! My plan B involved telling the students that I was having a technical issue and I told them about Captain Patch. They seemed quite okay about this little hiccup and the lesson progressed, with great feedback from my mentor. This afternoon I have come home and downloaded the video, which I’ll put onto a usb and we can try again tomorrow! My maths lessons this week all revolve around Australian coins, so the video will still fit in with the lesson. Here is the link to my Moovly, which I was quite proud of, even if it is a little on the short side!

Second Day – First ever lesson in School!

Today I implemented a lesson on Time, measuring ‘Half Past’. I had all my resources ready to go as per my lesson plan and had spoken to my mentor teacher yesterday about some ideas for the lesson. I was feeling a bit nervous, which I think showed to the students in the small Year 1/2 group that I had. They were a little bit on the boisterous side. I also feel like some parts of my lesson I had rushed. My mentor’s feedback afterwards was a mixture of positive reflective and critical reflection, which I really appreciated. I can definitely see the areas where she feels I need some practice with!

All in all, my experiences of the last two days has been exciting and I am really being received with open arms from all the staff and students. However, on Monday morning, I was feeling very anxious, stressed and worried that I was not going to be very good at this. Brendan talks about his feelings going into prac here, and like him, most (I won’t say all!) of my fears melted away when day the got going.

As yet, I have not seen a lot of ICT implementation in the class, so hopefully I can show the teacher and teacher aide some things as the weeks go on!

Meeting my mentor

Last Thursday I met my mentor teacher and her class. I will be doing my Prac in a Prep/1/2 class in a small rural school. I was feeling very apprehensive about the whole thought of Prac, until I went to visit for a few hours. I helped the teacher aide with the Preps doing some maths and the Principal gave me a great tour of the school.

Talking to my mentor teacher helped me feel at ease, but some of the information given┬áhas gone over my head a bit! She has asked that I do a mini unit on measurement of time for the 1/2’s, and handed me the C2C Unit outline. So now I have sat down to gather my ideas, but I am not sure where to start. I am thinking of opening the Australian Curriculum and Scootle on my computer and see where I can go from there. Wish me luck!