That would be just my luck!

Yesterday I spent the day working on lesson plans for Year 1/2 maths. I decided to make a little Moovly video to introduce my lesson about Australian coins. This video suggested that Captain Patch had lost his treasure and needed the students to learn all they can about Australian coins to help him find it. But of course, when I went to put the video up on the smart screen, the school’s internet would not let me into the Moovly site! My plan B involved telling the students that I was having a technical issue and I told them about Captain Patch. They seemed quite okay about this little hiccup and the lesson progressed, with great feedback from my mentor. This afternoon I have come home and downloaded the video, which I’ll put onto a usb and we can try again tomorrow! My maths lessons this week all revolve around Australian coins, so the video will still fit in with the lesson. Here is the link to my Moovly, which I was quite proud of, even if it is a little on the short side!


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